Five Reasons Why Stun Guns Are Effective For Personal Self Defense

It’s a lamentable yet true social fact that people sometimes need to protect property and person against unforeseen attacks. One of the most effective modern tools to have in such instances are stun guns. sell csgo skins for bitcoin These are ideal to repel assailants that are close by without causing excessive damage, thus preventing its owner from transgressing legal prohibitions regarding such matters. Here are five suggestions as to why the items are perfect as individual self defense tools.

First of all, these gadgets work well in terms of safeguarding its owner from an opponent that’s close by. These easily-portable, battery-powered tools produce electrical currents meant to jolt an attacker the second it makes contact with the skin. This will cause immediate disorientation and loss of balance, and usually renders an assailant unconscious for a short while, leaving someone enough time to get away from the scene.

Although potent in causing instant disorientation and a loss of balance to an attacker, the weapons are actually quite safe. It’s not meant to cause death or permanent damage, bodily-wise or psychologically speaking. The intention is to disable an opponent momentarily and quickly, giving someone enough time to get away.

Another advantage relates to the fact that the owner of the device can shoot at any part of someone’s body to stop the incoming attack. This means a person doesn’t waste valuable time in trying to locate a particular body part on a moving target, as is the case with some other defensive tools. It doesn’t matter which area of the skin it penetrates, it will still have the desired effect. And thick clothing won’t prevent it from delivering an incapacitating shock either.

Reason number four is that such items are very convenient when circumstances require its use. Given the variety of sizes and shapes available, it could fit comfortably inside anyone’s hand. Some are heavier and bigger, having to do with how much voltage it can generate.

Related to its convenience, this modern offender repellent can be easily disguised on a person. Most recent ones come in the shape of cell phones, flashlights, pen lights or key chains. Thus its design masks its existence to others, giving its owner the advantage of a surprising and shocking counter-attack. The fact that one doesn’t have to try and hide it makes it also easily reachable should there be a need for it.

For a non-lethal weapon stun guns are indeed ideal for up-close personal defensive actions. Because these devices are efficient, convenient, relatively safe and easy to use, it’s especially popular among women. It’s also hard to detect on anyone and can easily be mistaken as a fashion accessory. These few reasons ought to make it clear why such products are superb for modern-day individual self defense.

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