How Frequently Should I Bathe a Dog

Dogs who spend a lot of time outside or engage in outdoor activities that expose them to dirt, bugs and/or debris typically require more bathing, perhaps every 6 weeks or more frequently.

Frequency of bathing actually depends on the breed of the dog. If the dog is of a hairy type like the cocker spaniel, hippo dog then the bathing is to be carried out once in six to eight weeks. If these breeds are bathed too frequently, then the skin and coat loose the protective characters.

Don’t use the same soap for your dog. What I mean is not using exactly same of human soap for your dog, not need to open new pack of soap for your dog still for your human. Clear? Just kidding. This soap is not suitable for dog. Why not? Roughly because of you human don’t cover all your body with hair rather than a dog. All over his body covered with hair except their eyes. Same as human shampoo also, don’t share it. Too harsh for your dog’s skin and can cause skin and coat problems in the future. Use a specific shampoo which is mild shampoo, such as PNP Gentle Shampoo which is designed specifically for the pH of the dog’s skin.

Bathing alone won’t remove all the shedding hair from a short coat, either. Brushing is necessary before and after the bath.

Okay, before we start make sure the water is warm but not too hot. Start from knee level. Stage after stage. Which is, after knee level then go through to the neck and below level that cover body and tail. Start shampooing your dog from level 2 to level 1. Let’s assume level 3 is the face, ear and head area. When shampooing a dog focus on the rear end. Remove all the virus on that area, wear a glove if you want to.

Continue here, after your job clean the most restricted area at your dog’s rear end, it’s time to move on to the level 3. Wet that area first, be careful with the ears, don’t out the water on that. Use precaution method is recommended by slotting cotton.

Finish? It’s time to rinse. For me rinse a dog is much worth it than any pets that have a breed. Especially for a cat, because after you rinsing them, they will use their tongue also. In case that situation happen, you must put a cover that prevent cat from lapping his body back. If not, all your hardworking bathing a pet before is useless, because the smell will exist again.

Back to our main title, Wrap the dog in a towel to absorb excess water, good towel drying can save lots of time. First rinse the shampoo from the head, face, and ears, and then the body and legs. Don’t forget the underside of the dog. To reach that area, have him stand on his hind legs by lifting his front paws. Keep rinsing until you no longer feel shampoo anywhere on the dog and the water runs clear. Any residue of shampoo remaining on the dog can cause itching, flaking, and skin problems.

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