The Best Double Stroller for Toddler and Infant

When we learned that not only am I pregnant, but that we are blessed with twins we’ve decided to include as many creature comforts as necessary to maintain our physical fitness and prevent parent-burnout. Walking and jogging not only keeps you physically fit, it also releases “happy”endorphins in your brain which keeps you mentally fit, also we wanted to teach our children by way of example, the value of exercise and an active lifestyle. Thus we set out to find the best double stroller for toddler and infant to fit our active lifestyle.

Our in-depth research led us to choose the BOB Revolution 12″ Aluminum Wheel Duallie Stroller and although a rather expensive stroller it has been worth every single penny. I do hope this article will aid parents in this very important decision-making process.

I remember the day we received our BOB, it arrived nearly 99% assembled, I only needed to slip on the wheels and we were ready to go. We chose the Mesa Orange for it is so darn noticeable.

Here’s why we love our twin stroller.

Seats, Straps and Canopies

The spacious seats allow for plenty of room for the kids, it is fitted with easily adjustable and padded straps for extra comfort and reclines to a near horizontal position allowing the kids to sleep comfortably. The two huge sun canopies, each with a roll-open window up top, operates independently of each other, which is ideal when one kid is up and awake and the other sleeps they can have the shades at different levels.

Suspension and Maneuverability

Superb adjustable suspension, capable of 3 inches of travel, provides for an exceptionally smooth ride, even on bumpy terrain. The swivel front wheel, house a ball bearing headset, enabling the stroller to turn circles on itself, handle extremely sharp turns with ease and glides along so effortlessly I can steer it, with both kids on board, using only one hand. The front wheel also locks forward making it very safe for neighborhood jogging. This stroller is not small but still fits through most doors and shop aisles “best diaper for toddlers”


The double width of the under-seat basket compensates for the fact that it is a little shallow. The basket on the back of each seat is big enough to hold a change of clothing for each child, a few toys and some snacks. I would advise buying the handlebar console and diaper bag. The console provides storage for my car keys, mobile, wallet and two water bottles and the diaper bag fits perfect across the handlebar and its super easy to access any of the pockets.


After a year of frequent trips, shopping, camping and jogging the Bob Duallie is still holding up fantastic, still turns on a dime, nothing broken, creaking, squeaking, ripped or faded, and after an occasional wash it still looks brand spanking new.

What would I improve on the BOB?

I would have loved a hand-break as well as the parking break, just because I am a safety nut around the kids.

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