Video Gaming Is Beneficial For KidsIn These Quarantine Days

Due to COVID-19, schools are shuttered down worldwide, and parents are worried about their children’s studies and activities. Hence, children are busy playing games. But don’t disturb them! Why? Video games might be beneficial for your child in these quarantine days as he/she can learn different things staying at home.

You just need to think about what your child gets from video gaming. A survey that is being made on the benefits of playing video games shows that these games help children to develop better visual understanding, emotional control, and to learn decision making.

Nowadays, many video games are created as a great source of storytelling. These games are very well-crafted and attract your kids easily. They are now free due to Coronavirus; therefore, they can spend time on games and learn a lot of new things.

Here is what your kids can learn while playing their favorite video games.


Games are created hard, and game designers specifically name their games ”hard fun.” A game is not exciting and fun-filled without being difficult. Firstly, a child thinks that he/she does not like failing in the game, but later, he/she realizes that failing in gaming makes it more interesting and fun. 

Modern video games are usually based on our daily routines. For instance, if your child is playing a game in which driving is involved, it might be difficult for him/her to drive a car at the start and get failed. But later, he/she will play the game again and again and try towin it.

This way, your child can learn that after being failed, he/she should play again and try harder to be a winner.


In schools, the feedback or results are usually delayed and summative to children. Rewards and even punishment also reach after a long struggle. All this brings an impact on the performance of a child.

But gaming offers an opposite scenario. The non-stop gamesprovide instant results and feedbacks that help the player to move forward to the next challenge and create a strategy for getting success in the game.

By doing so, your child will be able to accept feedback and results.


Games are not similar to life as these provide us a chance to play fair. Young people sensibly understand this phenomenon. The younger generation observes that these games are a reliable source that offers fair results about the player’s ability and skills, and rewards are also given to the players who played the best.

Besides this, the level of the game is dependent on the ability of the player. If the player is a pro-gamer, the level of the game would be different as compared to a new player. Similarly, video games also make your child learn fairness- the one who is an expert is always on the top.


Civilizationis one of the famous games, and the game’s designer, Sid Meier, called it a series of delightful decisions. Freedom of choice is given to you in playing this video game because the first choice that is offered is whether to playit now or later.

Thus, you can teach your child about freedom when he/she will play a video game.


Games are also a source of making social connections. Connecting with your friends and playing something challenging with your friend circle, and then focusing on the results creates fellowship, and it is very satisfying and powerful.

Consequently, it is a good way to teach your child fellowship.


Games are also considered a great source to invite young people and children to get indulged in the characters of aspirational heroes, villains, and many other characters from everyday routine.

Although schools also do this very well. But as children are more interested in video games, therefore, they learn more from them. And, what you learn from your interest remains in your mind forever.

Moreover, children try to imitate these characters, and this makes them passionate about learning a lot of new ways to behave, talk, and react.

In a nutshell, anything can be beneficial if it is done correctly.Well, these were the few crucial aspects that your child can learn by playing video games in these quarantine days. So, keep your children busy playing his/her favorite games and give them a chance to learn more, without going to schools!

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